Yoga & Meditation

Rejuvenate your mind + body with a one hour all levels yoga class with Ashley Pitman. You'll practice while immersed in the grounding redwood trees or on the beach with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. This will truly be an awe inspiring experience that will leave you not only more connected to yourself and your body, but also to nature and the beauty around you.

Tunitas Creek Downhill Bike Ride

If mountain biking is more your speed over that of a hike, a guided mountain bike tour from the top of Tunitas Creek down to the beach through the redwoods is just for you.  Discover the prstine natural beauty that the Half Moon Bay coast has to offer through a variety of tour options.

Surf Lessons from Local Pros

You have heard of Mavricks.  You have watched Endless Summer.  You love the ocean.  Now its time to come get wet with some of Half Moon Bay's most respected local surfers. Learn everything from the proper way put on your wetsuit, to paddling into some of Northern California's most talked about waves.  All levels of experience are welcome and will be matched with the appropriate local surf spot.

Redwood Forest Hike

Northern California is known for its beautiful redwood forrests but not too many people realize they don't have to go to Muir Woods to emerse themselves in their majestic beauty.  Leave your worries behind as you enter the coastal redwoods found south of San Francisco and the Golden Gate.   Guided hikes through the redwood forrests of coastal Half Moon Bay will prove to be both educational and active.  Our guided hikes can be tailored to all fitness ability levels and all ages are encouraged.  

Outdoor Fitness

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors and experience a great workout? Come join a group of fitness enthuisasts in a natural setting for an outdoor workout session. Each session incorporates core, cardio, resistance training, and body-control exercises led by Ted Guntren, Manager and fitness specialist coach at Peformance Science Training Institute ( Coach Ted was born and raised on the coastside and has always loved the outdoors. Combining both nature and fitness, Ted runs a unqiue workout sessions that trains the mind, body, and spirit.  Group training as well as one on one sessions are available.  This is a great option for those visiting San Francisco for business and are in need of the perfect way to get a workout in while incorporating a scenic tour of the coast.  

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddling Boarding

Pillar Point Harbor located five miles north of Half Moon Bay proper is one of the country's safest and most protected harbors.  With an inner and outter breakwater to shield the harbor from wind and swell, this location is ideal for both sea kayaking as well as stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) for individuals of all ability levels.  Your guide will take you amongst seals, birds and other marine life in single, double or triple kayaks.  For those looking for a top down view of all of the marine life this location has to offer, a touring SUP is just for you.  

Horseback Riding

When thinking of California and San Francisco, horses are not always the first thing to come to mind however, Half Moon Bay and the surrounding areas have long been established as ranch country.  Take a scenic tour by horseback along the coast with one of our experienced guides, or head out to the backcountry for a trail ride you won't forget.